Dear Parents, Caregivers and Relatives

Due to the recent COVID circumstance it is prudent we remind all of our community that we all continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines and not to become complacent.

Visitors including parents/carers and relatives are welcome in our schools and at activities offsite when following the COVID-19 requirements for visitors. This includes:

  • To attend meetings with teachers, including prospective parents, and attend orientation meetings.
  • To volunteer in educational support roles.
  • To volunteer in the canteen and uniform store.
  • To attend school sporting and arts events at external venues subject to the COVID-19 Safety Plan of the venue.

A reminder that all visitors to the school MUST sign in using the TWO QR codes. 

  • Service NSW COVID check in app; the Department of Education does not have access to the records sent to the Service NSW COVID check in app. These records are held by the NSW Department of Health only.
  • Berry Public School sign in;  there are two options, 1 is the QR code or the good old fashioned pen and paper sign in.
    • If you choose to use the QR code, they are located in all classrooms, admin building, hall.
    • If you need to complete with pen and paper this is located only in the admin building.

Parents dropping off and picking up students to school do not need to sign as a visitor. More information can be found here.

If your child is unwell, do not send them to school.

  • If your child is sneezing or coughing a lot, please keep them home
  • If they are unwell at school you or your nominated emergency contact will need to collect them immediately. Please make sure your contact details are up to date.

Encourage best practice hygiene

  • Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water at regular intervals throughout the day, particularly before and after eating and after going to the toilet
  • Coughing or sneezing into your elbow, or a tissue which should be discarded immediately.
  • Placing used tissues straight into a bin
  • Avoiding touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth
  • Not sharing food or drink
  • Not sharing personal items such as , pens and pencils etc
  • Students must bring their own drink bottles to school.

All students should be at school unless:

  • They have a medical certificate which states that they are unable to return to school due to an ongoing medical condition

Attendance – please read the department guidelines for details.

​More information can be found: Advice for families (

Thank you for your continued support.


Bob Willetts, Principal

Berry Public School Staff