The Premier’s Spelling Bee

A fun and educational way for Primary school students to engage in spelling.  The competition comprises two divisions:

Junior for years 3 & 4

Senior for years 5 & 6

The competition is open to all NSW government primary, central and community schools.   Stage appropriate lists (especially the High Frequency Words) will be sent home today (June 2nd) so every child has the same opportunity to learn the words.

How will Berry Public school conduct the school-based Spelling Bee?

  • Involves Stage 1 (even though Premier’s Spelling Bee is for Stages 2 & 3). It is good to learn and practise a skill at an early age.
  • Prior to HEATS there will be a written elimination round. This will be conducted in years, the top 12 students of each year qualify for HEATS
  • Run HEATS in Year levels, using school-based spelling lists in years 1 & 2 (to be completed orally). The 2021 Premier’s Spelling Bee word lists will be used in years 3, 4, 5 & 6 in the heats (oral round).

DATE for Heats :During Week 10 of Term 2

DATE for Finals : During Week 2 of Term 3 TBA