Life Education – 13 – 20 July

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Life Education NSW will be visiting our school from Tuesday 13th July to Tuesday 20th July.

Cost: $12.00.  This includes the Life Education session, a student workbook and sticker.

The programs address many of the components and objectives within the NSW PDHPE curriculum.

Permission and payment due by Thursday 24th June.



  Harold’s Friendship

Stage 1

Year 1   


Ready Steady Go


Growing Good Friends

Stage 2



Mind Your Medicine


Stage 3


Musica Viva – 26th July

Rhythm Works

Percussion and Technology, Creating visual images through music

Cost: $10.00.

Rhythm Works are a dynamic percussion duo who show students how to create visual images through music – with lizards, waterfalls, road trains, and carnivals. In this high energy show, students are introduced to a range of instruments from African djembes, marimbas, electronic loop machines, Boomwhackers, and wearable instruments made out of PVC pipe! Students are given the chance to perform on these instruments to create their own musical imagery, with opportunities to re-create the experience back in the home or classroom.

KEVIN TUCK percussion
JIM MCCARTHY percussion


Total cost $22.00

Both incursions are included on the form.

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Consent - Life Education
Consent - Musica Viva
Consent - Life Education
Consent - Musica Viva
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