**Trigger warning, this post discusses suicide**

[A suicide has recently been recorded on Facebook Live and you might be hearing about it on your feeds]. It has now worked its way into TikTok, 4chan, Instagram and other social media feeds that our kids are using. The video is horrific and is being hidden behind other content.**Please DO NOT ask the kids if they have seen it; they will go looking for it.

If students/your children come to you saying that they have viewed it, we have the following advice:

  • Stay calm, don’t overreact. This isn’t about you (sorry!).
  • Contact the social media platform(s) to report the video (they are all trying hard to contain it as we speak).
  • Applaud them for having the courage to start this conversation with you and let them talk about what they have seen. It’s not a good idea to watch the video yourself or ask your child/the student to show you the video, no matter how curious you are. I’ll say again, that it is horrific; you can’t unsee it.
  • Add to this, a popular Tiktok Teen died by suicide yesterday. His name is Ethanissupreme, we already know that people are very upset about this.
  • Some other questions you can ask them are:
    • Sometimes people feel very down, sad, or hopeless. What can we do to let people know that they aren’t alone and that we care?
    • Who can you talk to if you feel sad or hopeless?
    • What can you do if you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable?