Dear Parents/Caregivers

We have updated the reasons for absence to include ‘COVID – isolation’.  This is to make things easier for parents to advise us the reason your child is absent.  If you prefer to call / email the school to advise us of illness or any reason your child not attending school we also encourage you to do this.

If a student is COVID positive could you please forward your NSW Health notification to school as soon as possible.


In the current environment and with the DoE guidelines please adhere to the following

  • If a student has been absent due to flu-like illness or develops flu-like symptoms while at school, they are not to return to school until they have a negative COVID-19 test and are symptom-free eg: no persistant cough, no runny nose.
    • They must isolate until they receive a negative test result, in line with health protocols.
  • Have a medical certificate which states they are unable to return to school due to an ongoing medical condition
  • It is recommended that staff and students that return to school after recovering from COVID-19 do not participate in rapid antigen test surveillance for 28 days (four weeks after recovery) following release from self-isolation. This is due to NSW Health advice that people who have recovered from COVID-19 have a low risk of contracting it again in the following 28 days. After 28 days (from week five after recovery) staff and students may resume participation in RAT surveillance.

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